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Corporate culture is the embodiment of an enterprise’s overall strength. It is a reflection of the degree of civilization of an enterprise, and it is also the source of transformation of the productivity of a knowledge form into a material form of productivity. Sunho Pharmaceuticals is committed to rooting corporate culture in the hearts of every employee. We always adhering to the company philosophy of “beyond ourselves and creating Development” and vigorously promote the entrepreneurial spirit of “integrity, unity, harmony, pioneering, innovation, and honor”. The company promotes the company’s image through a variety of methods, displaying the company’s achievements and employees’ Self-initiated, announced the information that is deeply concerned by employees, attracted the attention of customers and employees, and enriched the corporate culture. We actively organize various sports activities, developments and cultural events. The activities have promoted the relationship between employees, revitalized the work atmosphere, and fully mobilized the enthusiasm of employees. There are plans to arrange training in corporate culture, education, training, and corporate management in stages, enhance employees’ awareness of corporate culture, and promote the cohesiveness of the company.


1、Explanation of Sunho’s Logo


The blue color represents modern technology.

The red color represents life.

The combination of blue and red symbolizes the care of life with modern pharmaceutical technology.


The shape symbolizes infinity: the universe and life start from a singularity and develop infinitely.

The three curves symbolize technology, management and talents, which are equally important and dependent on each other to breed everything. On the path to the future, the companions will achieve self-surpassing and co-development with joint effort.

 2、Core Value

Self-surpassing and Co-development


Concept surpassing: Be open and generous, and keep up with the times.

Ability surpassing: Learn to innovate and challenge the limits.

Realm surpassing: Strive for self-improvement and emulate those stronger.


Co-creation: First-class environment, and first-class performance

Co-growth: Start based on expected results, and pursue excellence.

Co-achievement: Occupational competency, generous benefits, and dreams in life.

3、Mission and Vision

Mission: Promote the evolution of China's new drug innovation and production services towards world-class standards, and provide Chinese people with access to global high standard drug products.

Vision: Jointly build and share a CMC/CMO international high-end service platform for China's new drug innovation and production with companions, provide cost-effective products and services to customers, create a stage for employees to realize their values, offer trustworthy returns to shareholders, and become excellent corporate citizens.

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